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About the royal dreads

Royal Dreads is a limited edition  collection of diverse anime-style characters, generated from over 1000 loving hand-drawn traits. Starting with the Series 1 release of 1,000 Royal Dread NFTs. Minters will have the unique opportunity to customize the look of their Royal Dread NFTs, and enjoy a variety of unique OG benefits and perks including helping us chart the direction of our in-development animated Royal Dread series and other planned IP projects.

Royal Dreads are a special, new genre of social impact NFTs focused on promoting diversity, social justice and helping creatives achieve their artistic goals.

Rise up

Royal Dreads is a socially conscious, community-driven entertainment and lifestyle brand built for the Web3 era. We're excited about our future, as before minting our initial OG collection, Arise Art (the company behind Royal Dreads) recently gained financial support from the Canadian Media Fund to start the development of our Royal Dreads storyline into a Young Adult animated series concept.

From a creative standpoint, the development of socially conscious music and events and supporting our community members' creative ambitions are also critical priorities for the  Royal Dreads. With that goal in mind, we're thrilled to have assembled a seasoned team of business and creative professionals to join the Royal Dreads, including Shontelle Layne, a Grammy- Award Nominated Singer, Songwriter, and NFT music pioneer who has joined our team as the Head of Strategy.

Designed to be a force for good,  Our vision is to bring together forward-thinking NFT enthusiasts, creatives, social entrepreneurs and high-impact charities. To develop a new genre of community-owned, socially conscious NFT entertainment projects that fuse music, art, and film to be a catalyst for promoting positive social changes. Our plans are for the  Royal Dreads to be released in a limited-edition series that will ultimately consist of a planned total collection of 7,777 limited-edition NFTs.

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The royal Dread genesis story

Hidden behind remote waterfalls located deep in the Borneo Jungle lies Inner Earth, the headquarters of the noble order of the Royal Dreads. The Royal Dreads are entrusted to protect the earth from its greatest enemy - humankind.

Moving secretly among us since the beginning of time, Royal Dreads carry out their mission to promote love, peace and harmony among humankind and to protect the environment. How? Through creativity, technology and strategic combat.

We are excited that the Royal Dread story is now in development as an Animated series. This opens future opportunities for developing the Royal Dreads Brand and community for growth.

Royal Dreads Genesis Story Image
Promo NFT

Perks of ownership

By Owning A Royal Dread You're Not Just Buying Cool Art - You are Gaining Access To Our Royal Dread Alliance - A Unique Members Only Club That Will Increasingly Give You Access To Multiple Benefits In The Real World And Online  As Our Roadmap Is Activated By Our Community.

All - Access Entertainment Pass

You will have preferred access to a variety of entertainment events including members-only.

Music Events featuring leading socially conscious artists from the world of reggae, hip-hop, and R&B.

IRL Festival and Concerts - Ticket giveaways, discounts and more!

Private Screening - Invitations to private screenings of award-winning film festival documentaries, including panel discussions with directors, actors and producers.

Royal Dread Story - Participate in the creative process and storylines. Development has already started of our Animated Series. Holders will have the opportunity to participate in the creative process and potentially have their character be part of the series.

Guaranteed Presale Access

Your Royal Dread will act as your Mint Pass giving you preferential access to all of our future Royal Dread related NFT projects.

Ownership and commercial rights

Once you have purchased your Royal Dread NFT, it's yours to show off. Use it as your PFP, and even merchandise it by creating physical merchandise of your full Royal Dread image. Let’s explore ideas together. For more information please see our terms of service.

Creator Fund

10% of funds collected from royalties will build a Creator Fund fund for artists and musicians within and outside of the Cardano community. Recipients of Grants will be voted on by the community of Royal Dreads NFT holders. In addition we have award winning team members and partners that will provide insightful information needed to help develop creatives.

Knowledge Exchange

Creative - Led by our Head of Strategy Grammy Nominated Singer/songwriter Shontelle Layne, creatives will have the opportunity to participate in member only forums designed to help them advance in their creative career development.

Social Issues - Get inspired, learn more about social causes that you care about and ways you can put your talents to work to help solve them. Exclusive access to the Muuvment social impact platform.Exclusive Merch.

Exclusive Merch

We will be partnering with talented streetwear designers to launch the RD clothing and accessories line.

our core team

Principally Based In Toronto And London, Our Core Team Have Backgrounds In Crypto, Technology, Art, Music, And Social Impact Business, And Are Firm Believers In The Power Of NFTs  To Bring People Together To Do Great Things.

NFT Alias of Dread Dave

Co-Founder & Strategy Head

Dread Dave

Dread Dave focuses on the Business Development of the Royal Dreads. A successful entrepreneur he focuses on developing the strategic direction as well as building partnerships and utility to develop and grow the Royal Dreads Ecosystem. He is also the Executive Producer of the Royal Dreads Animated Series, now in development.

NFT Alias of Dread Ann

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Dread Ann

Dread Ann is the Creator and Writer for the Royal Dreads which is now in development to become a Young Adult Animated Series. Experienced in the growth and development of businesses, as co-founder of the Royal Dreads she focuses on helping to develop the vision and strategic direction rooted in ensuring that the Royal Dreads reflect an environment that is welcoming, inclusive and supportive of creatives and our community.

NFT Alias of Dread Cam

Co-Founder & Partnership Head

Dread Cam

Master connector, passionate about all things entertainment. He's a creative himself with a track record of helping artists reach their goals. Dread Cam is focused on attracting musicians and other creatives to be part of the Royal Dread ecosystem.

Head of Strategy

Dread Shontelle Layne

Shontelle is a Grammy nominated singer/songwriter best known for her global classics, T-Shirt and Impossible. Her song, Battle Cry, was also handpicked by President Barack Obama for his campaign compilation, "Yes We Can". She has toured with legends such as Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, T Pain and Jason Derulo. In 2021, she historically launched the 1st black female Major artist NFT.

NFT Alias of Dread Joshua Young


Dread Joshua Young

Joshua is an award winning Director and Screenwriter with over twenty years in the entertainment industry in a variety of positions. Before joining the Royal Dreads team, Joshua had over thirty awards in screenwriting, had directed fictional and nonfictional projects around the world, and worked on productions for the film, television, animation as well as commercial industries.

NFT Alias of Dread Lucas

Lead Artist

Dread Lucas

Dread Lucas is an exceptionally gifted digital artist with a bold and distinctive style that captures the imagination. He is equally passionate about art as he is about caring for others. He is our lead artist who personally hand drew each asset of the Royal Dread collection.

NFT Alias of Dread Holy

Community Strategist and Ambassador

Dread Holy

Dread Holy, AKA The Holy Binns; is a visionary artist, producer, and Cardano Community member. Growing up in Miami, Dread Holy presents his perspective on love, truth, and community through his music. He brings ambassadorship, community engagement, and musical collaboration to the Royal Dreads team.

NFT Alias of TurboMadeit

Community Manager


TurboMadeit is a combat veteran bringing 20+ years of selfless leadership. TurboMadeit has worked in both entertainment and fashion helping young creatives to excel. Among other skills and talent, TurboMadeit is a musician, a web3 pioneer, and a great community builder.

NFT Alias of Dread Pasifik

Music Ambassador

Dread Mezmurah

Pasifik is a talented Canadian based songwriter, author & a hip hop artist. Using his music as a tool to illustrate his experiences and perspectives, Pasifik has written the first Royal Dread song and will be focused on helping Royal Dread attract other emerging artists to its ecosystem.

NFT Alias of Dread Donna

Artist Liaison & Community Development

Dread Donna-Lee

A gifted artist with a strong social impact focus. Dread Donna provides artistic feedback and focuses on outreach with other visual artists and organizations which share Royal Dreads' mission.

Our strategic partners

Helping With Our Vision Of Creating A New Generation Entertainment Brand That Creates Socially Conscious Content And Events That Entertain And Support Worthy Causes. Our Initial Strategic Partners Are:

Wishing Step Logo
Rootfire Logo
Muuvment Logo
Film & Animation

Multiple Winner of International Film Festivals. Wishing Steps expertise is in producing films that educate and cause audiences to question the Status Quo.

Music & Art Incubator

Focused on empowering artists and creating public value with an ecosystem of resources, media, supporters, festivals and events. Operates Rootfire Cooperative
“Rootfire Cooperative is a label services program designed to provide interest-free loans for the production and marketing of recorded music. The artists maintain 100% ownership of their music throughout the entire process.” – Billboard.com

Social Impact

An invite-only social impact platform that allows individuals and organizations to take concrete action and make measurable and meaningful impact on social issues they care about.

NFT Minter

A leading Minting Provider, that continues to build technical tools and services designed to enhance the crypto community's ability to engage with NFTs.


Stage 1


Rise Up: Royal Dreads NFT Brand is born - Art & Story

Impact Goals Established: To Promote and Support Social Conscious Musicians, Film & Documentary Makers, Artists and Social Impact Causes

Build Alliance: Team Recruitment Begins

Strategic Partnerships: Initial Music, Film and Social Impact Partnerships Secured

Giving Back: Initial Direct Impact Nonprofit partnership formed - Abolish Foundation & Free the Girls



Outreach Begins: RD Twitter, Discord, Website & Youtube channel Launched

Reveal: Sneak Peaks of Royal Dread NFT Collection & Storyline

Utility Plans: Music, Film, IRL events conceptualized and scheduled for post mint

Pre-Mint Giving: Initiated in collaboration with Cardano Women, to support our charity partner Free the Girls

Brand Development: Initiate efforts to develop the Royal Dreads Brand in IRL. Broadcast Partner , and experienced animation director joins the team. Financial support obtained from the Canadian Media Fund  develop Royal Dreads Animated Series concept

Community Building: Royal Dread Lore web reading series initiated, Operated a project booth at CNFTcon, Launch Giveaways and
Allow List criteria announced


Showtime/ Series 1 Royal Senate Mint Begins

Royal Senate Mint: A total of 1,000 special customized Royal Dreads NFT will be available to minted in Series 1.Royal Senate minters as our founding members will have greater influence over the direction of the Royal Dreads direction.

Presale & Public Mint: Q4 2022 - Price and Date to be announced

Giving Back: 20% of Net NFT revenue allocated to strategic social impact partners & charity partners

Artist Grants: 10% allocated to Community wallet to provide grants for creatives. Community votes determine grant winners.


Mission Activate

Members: Only screening of Film Festivals Documentaries & Panel Discussions scheduled announced for Q1& Q2 2023

RD Music released featuring Grammy Award Nominated Shontelle Layne and other leading emerging and established musicians.

Release of Royal Dreads Digital Story & Strategy for Royal Dread community members Involvement in Animated Series Developed

Launch of RD Merch Store

Introduction of RD Music and Creative Lab - assisting RD community members in launching creative NFT projects

Raffles, Giveaways and airdrops  to RD Community members


RD Leveling Up

Series 2 Royal Dreads Mint  Launch Date Announced

RD Brand Partnerships and Expanded Perks Program announced

Introduction of expanded RD Music NFTs program (blend of music, art & perks) airdrop to RD Holders

Immersive Strategy Announced

RD Animated Series Trailer Released

Royal Dread Roadmap 2.0 released


Why Royal Dreads?

Royal Dreads was created to be a force for Good. We're committed to building a sustainable NFT brand that provides outstanding value through the quality of our art and the Utility that we provide our RD NFT holders. Our focus is on positively challenging the status quo (addressing social injustices) and providing new pathways to fund, collaborate and support the aspirations of socially conscious creatives and social impact entrepreneurs both inside and outside the Cardano community.

What Does My Royal Dread Get Me?

In addition to having the opportunity to own a customized and distinctive Royal Dread avatar (or two or three!). Your Royal Dread also serves as your membership to the Royal Dread Alliance, our club that aspires to be one of the coolest and most inclusive  in Web3. Some of the perks you will gain access to include: exclusive giveaways/airdrops, regular invitations to private screening (both online and IRL) of award-winning film festival documentaries ( including panel discussions with directors and producers). Opportunities to be involved in and potentially become part of the team involved in the development of our planned animation series. Invitations and preferred access to music events and releases from leading socially conscious music artists, Community Wallet, merch, social impact " learning opportunities and more.

When is the Mint of Royal Dreads?

The series 1 “Royal Senate” Mint will occur in Q4 2022. Please regularly check our Twitter, Discord for the exact date. Future series to be announced.

How Many Royal Dreads Will Be Available?

In  the  Series 1, Royal Senate Mint, there will be only 1,000 customizable Royal Dread NFTs available to mint. In future series we plan to make available an additional  6,777 Royal Dread. We anticipate keeping a small amount (approximately 150) for marketing ,giveaways, donations and support purposes.

How much Does a Royal Dread NFT Cost?

100 ADA

What Wallet Can I Use?

Please do not send ADA from an exchange. You can use Cardano wallets such as Nami Wallet, Yoroi, Daedalus, CCVault etc.

How Many Royal Dreads Can I Mint?

We would like everyone to have a chance to own a Royal Dread, so there is a maximum of 3 NFTs per transaction.

Are Royalties charged on resale?

Yes. There is a 5% royalty on resales, which is allocated in part to our social impact and non-profit partners, our community fund, and to support our development team.

How Do Royal Dreads Differ From Other NFTs?

We think all NFTs are great, especially CNFTs. However, one of the significant ways that Royal Dreads differs from other NFTs is our approach to ensuring we enhance our ability to provide our NFT holders with great after-launch utilities. That's why we have established strategic partnerships with like-minded social conscious entertainment companies and professionals which will assist us in coordinating ongoing film, music, "education and social events for our community to enjoy and participate in.

Also, we are one of the few NFT projects pre- mint to have successfully received film financing to start the process of developing our Art and Story IP into an animated series concept.  Please check our roadmap and our Strategic Partners’ section for more information and regular updates.

What Charitable and Social Impact Initiatives Does Royal Dreads Help?

Approximately 25% of net revenues earned from Royal Dreads NFT sales are allocated to social impact business initiatives and non-profits. This includes funds going directly to help our respective strategic partners produce and promote social impact films, music and campaign activation. Our non-profit partners include the Abolish Foundation, which is working to help victims of modern-day slavery and Free the Girls, which helps provides former victim of sex trafficking with skills development and business startup assistance to help them successfully  reintegrate into society

How can I get on the Allow List?

Regularly check our Twitter and Discord  for updates on getting on our Allow List.

How Does Your Creator’s Fund Work

A percentage of all royalties earned from RD NFT sales will be directly allocated to our Creator’s Fund, a community wallet established to help fund our community members' artistic and charitable impact aspirations.